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Autor Thema: Sea of Rhûn  (Gelesen 2248 mal)


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Sea of Rhûn
« am: 6. Jan 2020, 12:25 »

This time, I wished for a 1v1 "straight forward" map, but with some interesting features. For this reason, I've made this map where very cool beach battles may take place: Sea of Rhun. Again, I got precious help on scripting (I'd like to thank Gnomi and FG15 for that). Here, players that miss having more soldiers of Rhûn in the game will be much pleased; if both the Edain Team and the community likes the map, it may be implemented officially!


"The Sea of Rhûn was located in the land of Rhûn, a land east of Mirkwood and north of Mordor. The River Running, flowing from the Lonely Mountain, and the River Redwater from the Iron Hills, fed the sea. The sea also contained an unnamed island measuring about thirty miles along the southeastern and northwestern coasts and twenty upon the northeastern and southwestern coasts."

The Map

"This inland sea is located in eastern Middle-earth and is fed by the Celduin and Carnen rivers.

Starting Points: Camps
Expansion Points: 2 Outposts and 9 Settlements
Lairs: Orcs"


This map is more similar to a standard skirmish map, but with a few unique features, which will be described below.

As gameplay features, the map has a large area (the beach of the Sea of Rhûn), where the core of the battle takes place, and a small area (the island of the Sea of Rhûn), where players may get a single settlement.
In the center of the map, there is a small Rhûn city with agressive easterlings guarding it. If a player manages to defeat these easterlings and to capture Sauron statue's flag, they will continuously receive easterling reinforcements on his army; capturing the flag will also make roaming corsair ships not to be agressive to the player if he decides to sail through the sea (with the aim to reach the island).
To reach the island (or to raid the enemy's through another path), players will start the match with a buffed transport ship (with a lot more health), which will allow different game strategies, but without the possibility of making any other ships; if a player loses the transport ship (to enemy arrows or to roaming corsair ships), it will respawn after some time.
Summing up, it's a very direct and relatively small map with very interesting features that will probably be much benefited with the release of 4.5 (as the dinamicity of the game will be improved).

Concerning the lore, there is not much to be said other than the fact that I tried to capture the "easterlings feeling" and the geography of this region the best that I could, basing myself in known informations.

Here are some pictures of the map:


Against the AI:
VERY GOOD. The A.I. interacts with Sauron's statue and therefore uses the Rhûn reinforcements on it's army! It also interacts normally with all features in the beach. However, it does not use the transport ship, which would also enhance the gameplay a little.

Online matches:
AWESOME. Multiplayer matches means using all features of this map at it's best, so players may find it very fun to challenge their friends on conquering the beach of the Sea of Rhûn!


Hopefully the community will like this map as I liked making it; I've made several tests on it, including online matches, and it still amuses me everytime I play. If this is the wish of the Edain Team and Community, Sea of Rhun will find it's official place on the Mod.

I'd like to thank everyone that supported me with suggestions and feedback!

Here is the link to download

Please, try the map and support it here if you like it!

In Favour
matheusantos98 (Mod DB)
GDSG (GameRanger)



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Re: Sea of Rhûn
« Antwort #1 am: 1. Feb 2020, 18:11 »
Anything that includes more Evil Men, I'm for.
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Re: Sea of Rhûn
« Antwort #3 am: 1. Mai 2020, 21:08 »
looks good, I'm also in favor :)


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Re: Sea of Rhûn
« Antwort #5 am: 17. Sep 2020, 19:45 »
I'm in favor too! I would like to see more maps based on the evilmen's lands.
I also find the map beautiful (I really like your maps most of the time)!
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