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Autor Thema: Feedback: Hobbit Campaign  (Gelesen 872 mal)


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Feedback: Hobbit Campaign
« am: 26. Jan 2020, 00:30 »
Welcome Explorers and Adventurers of Edain!

Version 4.5 introduces two demo missions from the Hobbit Campaign. And we would like to hear your feedback concerning those.

Let's go and enjoy the Shire and Lake-town.


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Re: Feedback: Hobbit Campaign
« Antwort #1 am: 17. Okt 2020, 22:48 »
Dear FG, those campaings are truly a master piece, it truly makes sense if such campaings missions are based in decisions rather than mere battles!

The only suggestion i would write is about the isengarders in the shire, but not played by dear ol' Gandy, but a side mission incluiding some rangers vs that strange folk that trades strange godorian coins -all marked with a runic C- for both, the old tobby pipe weed and information.

It could be interesting if this side mission is not starred by the rangers but by the isengarders, avoiding the rangers watch and bribing and corrupting some hobbits, incluiding Lotho Sackville-Baggins!

Hope you find this interesting, dear FG!
"Viva México"