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Autor Thema: Pallando: The Journey to the East  (Gelesen 695 mal)


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Pallando: The Journey to the East
« am: 16. Feb 2020, 16:26 »
Companions of Edain,
I would like to introduce you to a small project of mine today. It is a mission map that combines the RPG aspects of the first two demo campaign missions as well as the possibility of changing location and the dynamic opponents from Mission: The Path of the Edain.
The map is currently still in alpha phase and is only 20% complete, but should deliver over an hour of playable content.

The Story
The mission map is about how after Pallando, Alatar and Saruman traveled together to the east of Middle-earth, they split up and each of them took care of a different area. The map follows Pallando's adventures in the far east of Middle-earth.

The Map
The player starts with Pallando on an overview map, on which he can travel quickly and visit individual locations.

If the player leaves the area of the location where he was, he comes back to the worldmap and can move elsewhere.

Characters, Locations and Quests
At the locations, Pallando will meet some of the speakable characters who can be addressed by right-clicking, the same way as in the campaign.
There are currently 52 visitable locations, 52 speakable characters and 48 quests that can be completed. However, some quests are exclusive, because they depend on Pallando's decisions that can have a significant impact on the world.
Will Pallando lead the peoples of the east into the light, fall into darkness, take power himself, or fail at his task?

As in almost every other RPG of this kind, there is also the possibility to find companions who follow Pallando, and are also influenced by Pallando's decisions. Companions cannot be controlled outside of combat or entering an inn.
There are currently 3 possible companions.

Current Progress
As you can see on the map, the mission is far from over. Currently only 2 out of 5 areas are initiated with their first storylines. Nevertheless, the playable area is already as large as that of a normal 8 player card.

Download the map folder and place it into your custom map folder (Username/AppData/Roaming/My the Lord of the Ring Rise of the Witchking user Files/Maps). Ingame you will find the map with the name Pallando. The player starts on the upper position and should choose dwarves. The other player should be left open.

Important Hints
  • The intro can be skipped by pressing the middle mouse button
  • Leaving an area is unintuitive, so you have to get used to it. In general you will leave an area approximately where you entered it, or at an equivalent distance to the location center.
  • Use the information button at the left corner of the screen
  • The map is incomplete and will have bugs

I hope you enjoy plaing it.