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Autor Thema: Blackroot Vale  (Gelesen 1388 mal)


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Blackroot Vale
« am: 6. Mär 2020, 11:07 »

This is mostly a regular 2v2 map (but with a few special features) that tries to represent the region of Blackroot Vale. This map was originally made not by me, but by the RotWk player Motoma, who shared it on the site BFME2 Heaven, where I found it, got really interested by it and asked his permission to make it a map compatible for Edain, and he gladly accepted! All credits for the map are his; I've only made it compatible for this mod with very few modifications. Below is the proof of his authorization:


"The Blackroot Vale, known as Mornan in Sindarin, was a valley of rich grassland through which the River Blackroot flowed. The river rose beneath the sheer mountainsides of the White Mountains' southern extent, and in the shadowed rocks above its spring was the hidden gateway leading out from the Paths of the Dead."

The Map

"The Blackroot Vale, know as Mornan in Sindarin, was a valley of rich grassland through which the River Blackroot flowed.

Starting Points: Castles
Expansion Points: 3 Outposts and 16
Settlements Lairs: Wights and Trolls"


This map is much more similar to a standard skirmish map, but I tried my best to make it balanced in both sides.

The map consists of greenish plains and hills near the player starts and a river area crossing the center area of the map; concerning creeps, there is a Troll lair protecting each outpost and lots of Barrow Wight lairs at the edges of the map, not close to anything but that can be "creeped" in exchange of resources. The map is very open, as the river can be crossed at any of it's section, and the battles may take place anywhere, and the beauty of this map will be admired frequently  :D

Concerning textures, it is a very well detailed map, that shows many aspects of this lands' environment with human influences in it's composition.

Here is a picture of this map from above:


As there isn't complex scripting in this map or other special features, the maps works just fine both against the AI or against other players. Also, the scenario of the map seems very satisfying to me; being it very well textured makes up for pleasuring matches.


Hopefully the community will like this map as I liked it; I've made several tests on it and it still amuses me everytime I play. If this is the wish of the Edain Team and Community, Blackroot Vale will find it's official place on the Mod. Again, credits go to Motoma!

Here is the link to download

Please, try the map and support it here if you like it!

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Re: Blackroot Vale
« Antwort #1 am: 6. Mär 2020, 19:34 »
Thanks for making it compatible, i like it :)
Danke an CMG für Avatar & Banner :)

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