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Autor Thema: BattleZone Cup 2020 - Round of 32  (Gelesen 1380 mal)


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BattleZone Cup 2020 - Round of 32
« am: 16. Mär 2020, 16:28 »
Hello Warriors of the Edain!

Welcome to another little contribution to the BattleZone Cup 2020.
Here in this short thread, I would like to tell you guys a little about the upcoming round of 32. Also, i would like to talk about the finished group stage and tiebreaker.

If any of you missed it last night: the players for the coming weekend have been drawn to see who will compete against whom. Here the link how the round of 32 is planned.

Okay, let's get started!

Finally, I would like to say one or two sentences about the group phase and its course.
I am pleased, that the group stage and the tiebreakers came off without any problems and that everything worked out very well.
I would like to thank every participants, who have been with us to the round of 32. Don't be sad, next year you guys have a new chance to participate and to win the tournament!
I also hope that you have enjoyed it so far and look forward to the exciting matches that lie ahead of us!

And now a big thank you to all the volunteers who host matches, record and help us organize this event. It is an incredible time and we hope for you guys as well! I could express my thanks for much longer, but I think its more than enough for now.

Now, I wish you guys a good week and we'll hear us on Saturday at the latest! See you soon!

Sincerely yours,

the "BattleZone Cup 2020"-Team

P.S.: Here the video for the drawing of the round of 32!

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