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Autor Thema: The Minas Twins, new open-world map (v1.2 out!)  (Gelesen 1899 mal)


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The Minas Twins, new open-world map (v1.2 out!)
« am: 23. Mär 2020, 17:03 »
Version 1.2 is out! Check out the last message :)

Companions of Edain,
dear friends,

Today I present to you my new openworld map, on which I've been working many hours :

"The Minas Twins"

As the name said, the map represents the war between the two cities, Minas Morgul and Minas Tirith, and more generally between Gondor and Mordor at the end of the Third Age. There are many more representations of famous locations, like Osgiliath, Ithilien, Cirith Ungol, the docks, etc.

The map is for 1v1 multiplayer games. Sadly the AI don't work well for now. Maybe a 2v2 version will exist one day, I'm still wondering how.

I worked on a particular gameplay who consists in not giving the whole power of Gondor to this player at the beginning. He wil start with only a ranger tent in Ithilien, and will have to defend Osgiliath and Ithilien against armies of Mordor. If Mordor player takes the ruined city, he can expand his power by buying more commandpoints and buildings. Gondor player can garrison towers in Osgiliath or use his own "hand-made" strategy.

Then, Gondor can rely on other armies, like men of the fiefdom, dunedain, and army of Gondor, by unlocking spellpowers. You'll discover that by yourself. It will thus transfer to you the control of buildings in the docks or in Minas Tirith.

Mordor will have to siege Minas Tirith and destroy the house of Denethor to win the game. Gondor has to siege Minas Morgul and destroy Morgul tower to win the game.

Minas Tirith is fully walkable, but cannot build anything. The buildings are there from the start and player just has to unlock them. You may recruit a large bunch of heroes.

Mordor can build in Minas Morgul, but he can also rely on Cirith Ungol. He can summon Evil Men in the usual way. They'll arrive from the south.

I'm still wondering how I will integrate the army oh Rohan, but for now they come with the spellbook as usual. If you have ideas, don't hesitate! I will rework that in a future version.

Here are some screenshots:


DOWNLOAD LINK : https://www.moddb.com/addons/the-minas-twins#downloadsform

I really enjoyed spending much time on it, so I would be glad to have your feedback!

Many thanks to : Gnomi, FG15, and Covid-19 (for letting me time to make it!)

Have fun playing!  :D

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Re: The Minas Twins, new openworld map
« Antwort #1 am: 30. Mär 2020, 18:50 »
New version of "The Minas Twins" is out! Now you can play 2v2!

See the description and download here:

Have fun! :)


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Re: The Minas Twins, new open-world map (v1.1 out!)
« Antwort #2 am: 5. Apr 2020, 19:17 »
hey, would just like to say i really like your map, i do have a few suggestions for it

1. can you add the ranger swordsmen and spear men to the ranger faction as if your opponent take the farms near you, you don't really have a way to kill buildings early on

2 had an idea for the rohan summon, i was thinking the minas tirith player should start with an outpost in osgilath and the minas morgul player should get the other, and once the gondor player looses their outpost a timer would start and at the end of the timer a rohan army shows up, but close behind that the harad player would get some mumakil to counteract that.

now for just general suggestions

1 can you extend the first level of minas tirith? there is so much room and it doesnt need to be as tight as it is

2 can you add multiple levels to minas morugl? i feel that player doesnt get enough build plots

3 can you add the haradrim swordsmen to the harad barracks also can you give all the haradrim buyable upgrades

4 the ranger player can't get fire arrows at all, maybe make the forbidden pool a blacksmith instead of just for looks

thanks again for making the map it is really fun and i hope it can only get better :D 

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Re: The Minas Twins, new open-world map (v1.1 out!)
« Antwort #3 am: 6. Apr 2020, 04:17 »
Nice map I already play the 1.0


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Re: The Minas Twins, new open-world map (v1.1 out!)
« Antwort #4 am: 29. Apr 2020, 15:02 »
The Minas Twins, version 1.2 out!


1.2 changelog:
 - WORKING AI (except in Ithilien)
 - Minas Tirith's first level enlarged. There are no more already-built structures, but 9 buildblots instead!
 - New ability for Frodo: at level 7, he can summon a Resting place, in memory of Rivendell.
 - New ability for Faramir: at level 8, he can summon a ranger tent, which can be useful if the starting camp has been destroyed. Or simply to move the rangers headquarters.
 - Haradrim units can now buy banner carrier, and get automatically heavy armor and forged blades when they reach level 3.
 - Spells descriptions updated. They describe now exactly what the spells do.
 - Some textures refined.
 - Many bug and balance fixes

Enjoy :D