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Gandalf was famous for fireworks and it is an incremental part of his character. Would you like to see the cart implemented?

Yes (I think Gandalf getting his firework cart would be cool)
1 (50%)
No (I am scared that Gandalf would become to OP and I like evil better anyways)
1 (50%)

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Autor Thema: Arnor/Gondor Workshop and Gandalf  (Gelesen 1522 mal)


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Arnor/Gondor Workshop and Gandalf
« am: 30. Mär 2020, 07:17 »

For a long time now many people have discussed and wanted Gandalf to field his Erebor abilities. I did this once (can't find the topic) and suggested that Gandalf could utilize his Firework cart by mounting shadowfax and then like the Witch King click his cart--I am wanting to step away from this and have Gandalf access these abilities in much the same manner that Saruman does but with a twist.

I feel the firework cart should be added to the Arnor/Gondor workshop, but instead of somebody pulling it, all you have to do is click the cart and Gandalf's abilities will change into his Erebor ones. It would work similar to Saruman's Wizard's Tower but clicking on the cart effects Gandalf wherever he is on the battlefield.

If Gandalf has used any of his old abilities then his Erebor abilities will be used for that slot.

I feel this should be implemented as all summoned characters get their abilities with their hero build in the citadels for their independent faction. Haldir is a good example of this.

I feel this should go in tangent with the Narya concept, and this would NOT make Gandalf overpowered, but merely offer a new innovative way for him to perform.

Gandalf's ring forms would utilize the Erebor powers but at an increased damage output just like his regular ring forms.