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Autor Thema: Edain 4.5.3 New maps and related changes  (Gelesen 554 mal)


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Edain 4.5.3 New maps and related changes
« am: 27. Jun 2020, 15:29 »
Greetings, companions of Edain!

Verion 4.5.3 is close and we want to give you one last article about the maps and related stuff in the new version.

1. Camera height

Let's start with something technical to get it out of the way – until now we used the camera height 400 on most maps, while most of the much played maps had 500-600.
Hence we have increased and adjusted the camera height to 533. We integrated the height of 400 even before 2010. At that time most persons used 4:3 monitors. Yep, we are old. Using widescreen monitors, the camera height will always seem to be a bit closer. We use 533 as a standard height, as the height will seem very similar to 400 on 4:3 monitors.
As a comparison, the standard Battle for Middleearth games all had a height of 300.

Camera height 400 and using 4:3

Camera height 533 and using 16:9

We will look closely at the effects of the new camera height. Even though the camera height worked fine in our tests, we will adjust it in the future if necessary.

2. New Objects

There are many neutral objects in the game files, but there were only very few for Lorien and with the new camera height many of the objects were not working well anymore.
So we created some new ones!

New Mallorn Trees for Lorien maps

New statues for Lorien (design taken fom the movies)

Mallorn Trees in the game

3. New maps

There will be three new old fortresses!

We reworked three already known fortresses and adjusted them to the new building system

We finally adjusted the maps Framsburg and Cair Andros from our old 3.8.1 version and integrated them in the new version. Also we revamped Caras Galadhon from battle for Middle Earth 1 - they will now also be playable in the new version.


Framsburg is an old castle build by the ancestors of the Rohirrim. After they left the northern parts of Middleearth to live in Rohan, the fortress was quickly taken by Goblins.

Cair Andros

Cair Andros was a castle at a crucial strategic position, as it guarded one of the two spots where an invading army could cross the Anduin.

Caras Galadhon

Caras Galadhon is the main capital of Lothlorien. We increased the map size by a factor larger than 2, to give the attacking players some room to breathe before they attack.

In addition to those three castles, we have even more additional maps waiting for you!

More details to those maps soon! ™

We hope you liked the article and are as always looking forward to your feedback!

Your Edain team