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Autor Thema: War of the ring fortress maps  (Gelesen 1960 mal)


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War of the ring fortress maps
« am: 4. Aug 2020, 14:52 »

When I'm playing war of the ring in edain 4.5.3, when I play in RTS mode as either defender or attacker in any of the fortress maps (e.g. Minas Tirith, Helms Deep, Minas Morgul etc), it's impossible to win! I don't mean I can't defeat the enemy - once I kill all the enemy units and buildings, they will become defeated but it doesn't end the game. All enemies are defeated (it confirms this on the menu) but I don't get a "victory". So the game goes on forever until I exit back to the main menu. It won't even let me forfeit - I will go to the menu, click forfeit, it asks "are you sure", then I click "yes"... and it goes back to the RTS game. Any help please?


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Re: War of the ring fortress maps
« Antwort #1 am: 4. Aug 2020, 16:20 »
Wait for the great overhaul of WoTR which hopefully arrives with version 4.6 of the mod.
Vielen Dank an CMG für das tolle Banner und den tollen Avatar! :)