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Autor Thema: Dunland  (Gelesen 769 mal)


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« am: 14. Aug 2020, 00:58 »
Greetings, companionms of Edain

Today id like to write about Dunland, or that hideous woody building of them.

I began to be interested in this matter, because i never ever use the dunland folk, but not because they are not powerful, they are pretty powerful in their own way. But because of their building, it feels out of place in this new Edain version.

Searching everywhere i could, i found the very same information

Dunland was a fair, fertile land. By the end of the Third Age being neither prosperous or civilised, it was sparsely inhabited by unorganised herdsmen and hillmen.

Nevertheless, they managed to invade Isengard, and take Edoras in T.A. 2758. I doubt these people lived/gathered in a crude wooden hut, as portrayed ingame.

Also, Tolkien had this feud founded between Rohan and Dunland as a mirror of Anglosaxons and Celtics.

My proposition is to remodel that hideous building to a better one, one that resemble celtic structures. Also this settlement building could be more like a tiny town than a stand alone building.

Here an image of that idea:


Have a good day, take a look into Beyond of steelworks https://modding-union.com/index.php/topic,35976.0.html , comment and be safe!
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