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Autor Thema: Changing command points in BfME I  (Gelesen 1235 mal)


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Changing command points in BfME I
« am: 20. Aug 2020, 10:57 »
Hi how can I change the edain mod 1 command points to sum 1?
I know I need to do this in Zedain, but can someone describe the steps to me precisely so I have more CPs in the campaign and fight? I know you have more in the edain mod already, but it would be even better a little bit more. Ideally you know what I mean and thank you very much in advance. :-) & nbsp;


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Re: Changing command points in BfME I
« Antwort #1 am: 20. Aug 2020, 16:33 »
The CPs are controlled within the gamedata.ini file. So just open your zedain and go to gamedata.ini.

scroll down to (or search for) commandpoints. there you will find
GoodCommandPointLimit and
EvilCommandPointLimit for the campain
and under that are the CPs for skirmish play (there are differences on how many AI plays at the same time).
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