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Autor Thema: New Glorfindel Model Concept/Suggestion  (Gelesen 1527 mal)


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New Glorfindel Model Concept/Suggestion
« am: 11. Sep 2020, 14:56 »
Greetings Companions of Edain!

I believe this may have been discussed before on this group, however I wanted to bring up this topic again and provide some concepts I've been working on.

Some fans have already suggested that the current model of Glorfindel in the mod just feels outdated and visually doesn't fit well with a powerful and important Elf lord.

I agree with this statement. However, I feel like should Glorfindel get a visual over haul, is should be something that will emphasize him as both an importan Elf and at the same time him being a part of Imladris. And so I came up with a design that is very similar to units that are named in his honor:

I'm not very experienced in modelling in BFME models, let alone animating them, but I know some basics thanks to practicing in making models for C&C Generals. But with what little and basic knowledge I have, I used it to play around in RenX and using the existing models and skins on Edain mod, I wanted to make something that should Edain Team find interesting maybe used in a future patch or update.

Anyhow, this is what I came up with:

The design is simply just a blend of the Veterans and Wind Riders but I feel it really emphasizes Glorfindel as the leader of the latter. They are named after him after all. It's also not unlikely that during his time in Rivendell that he donned the same armor as the other warriors of Imladris. Even Elrond and Gil Galad used standard Noldor armor but heavily customized and personalized to show their status. It's very likely it could've been the same with Glorfindel.

While mounted, Glorfindel dons a helmet to help distinguish him from the rest of the Wind Riders.

The choice in gold and red was not only to follow the current color pattern in the mod but also as a call back to an old design of his that Edain Team no longer includes in 4.5:

As for his blessed form, I decided against just giving him a whitened version of his armor. His current model is an improved version of the Vanilla Glorfindel I feel it's too iconic and should not be completely changed.

I experimented a bit on RenX and this is how it came out:

This design blends both the classic and the new concept design.

Anyhow these are just concepts I came up with. As much as I would love to test them in game, I'm not very experienced in animating BFME models and even if I was, I wouldn't be able to add them to the game's asset file as Sy's Asset Builder no longer works for me. But let me know what you guys think.

PS. Dear Edain Team, I have been experimenting with certain models (ie, Erebor Dwarves from AUJ, Ranger models, etc) and if you guys would like to see what I made I will be happy to send them for you to review.

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Re: New Glorfindel Model Concept/Suggestion
« Antwort #1 am: 11. Sep 2020, 15:53 »
I do agree with you about his current model, his colors don't really look as good as the ones from other Imladris units. Some small critics/ suggestions for your models:
I'm not so sure if a Helmet would be enough to distinguish your model from his elite cav, in my opinion it would be better to take the cape away from the horse.
Not so sure about the thorns in your light version of him (he doesn't have them right now, right?  :D).

Beside that I do agree with your suggestions and really like your models.  :)


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Re: New Glorfindel Model Concept/Suggestion
« Antwort #2 am: 1. Nov 2020, 17:22 »

"Viva México"