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Autor Thema: Edain 4.5.4: Lothlórien - Part 3  (Gelesen 517 mal)

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Edain 4.5.4: Lothlórien - Part 3
« am: 5. Okt 2020, 21:12 »
Greetings, companions of Edain!

Today we would like to share part 3 of our Lothlórien update with you.

Lothlórien - Part 3

In the last update we presented you with the graphical revisions of the units and heroes of Lothlórien. After the basic units were overhauled, we also took care of their allies on the outpost: Mirkwood!

Troops of the Mirkwood

The basic design of the Mirkwood units was already to our satisfaction. We were lucky to be able to use the very detailed and beautiful model by NewErr from the Ridder Clan Mod Giveaway. Therefore no major changes were necessary, but as we all know the devil is in the details. For the upcoming version we therefore slightly modified the skin in the neck area, made some colour adjustments and slightly enlarged the head and shoulder armour. In addition, the units now have three variations of the hair color, which provide a little variety. The attentive player may have noticed that these changes are already included in the currently available version 4.5.3. However, we'd still like to show you the pictures today and give you an insight into further changes for the upcoming version

The Mirkwood Swordsmen (Sindarin: Megyr Taur-nu-Fuin) have received a new sword. We also decided to let the swordsmen go into battle without shields from now on. There were several reasons for this decision: In the movie, the swordsmen were mostly seen without shields and used their weapons mainly as two-handed swords. In the "Behind the Scenes" from The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, the choreography of the swordsmen from Mirkwood was also explained in more detail. They fought in small groups within the army to protect each other. As we were not satisfied with the implementation of the shield wall anyway, because no suitable animation was available, the decision to remove the shields was an obvious one. However, the defensive character of the formation will be maintained and the effect will remain the same, so all that is needed is a renaming:

Protective Formation
The Mirkwood Swordsmen move closer together and protect each other from approaching enemies. They gain +50% armor, but lose -50% damage.

The Mirkwood Archers (Sindarin: Pengryn Taur-nu-Fuin) have received a more detailed bow and quiver. They also get the new longbow with the appropriate upgrade.

The Mirkwood Banner Carriers (Sindarin: Telchellyn Taur-nu-Fuin) of the infantry will in future wear the colours of the Mirkwood Captains from the last Hobbit movie.

The Mirkwood Palace Guards (Sindarin: Orbarthirryn Taur-nu-Fuin) have probably undergone the greatest change. In addition to the standardization of shoulder, leg and arm armour, they now have a completely new colour scheme that is closer to film design.

The Palace Guards caused a couple of problems for us for some time. As a very potent pike unit that was available in large numbers, they could protect even the largest army of Lorien's masterful archers from cavalry charges. This didn't fit their character, as they are no ordinary footsoldiers, but the protectors of Mirkwood's palace and its royal family. On top of that, the addition of the Mirkwood Pikemen caused an ugly overlap of roles between the standard and elite pikemen. There was only one logical solution: The Palace Guard as an elite unit had to go.

However, since the design of the Palace Guards is far too unique to be seen with Thranduil's ability only, we thought about changing the concept of the Palace Guards and making them the new heroic unit of Mirkwood. So the troop size is reduced to the typical five and the values are increased accordingly. In addition, the Palace Guards will receive a formation change , which will affect the available abilities.
The Palace Guards are recruited, equipped with pike and shield, and have the following skills:

Protective Formation
The Palace Guards take their swords and form a protective formation to protect the heroes of the Mirkwood. In this formation, they cannot be trampled.

Defend the palace!
The Palace Guards defend the palace against approaching enemies with their powerful pikes. Near allied Mirkwood buildings, they receive +20% armor. While in combat, they grant allied Mirkwood buildings a 20% armor bonus.
(Passive Ability)

Defender of the Mirkwood
Prerequisites: Level 3
When enemy cavalry or beasts charge into the Palace Guards' pikes, all nearby Palace Guards receive +50% attack and armor for 30 seconds, slowing down additional cavalry and beasts twice as much.
(Passive Ability)

By clicking on the formation change, the Palace Guards also change their weapons and receive other abilities.

Defensive Formation
The Palace Guards reach for their pikes and take up a line formation to defend the buildings of Mirkwood.

Protect the King!
The Palace Guards protect the heroes of Mirkwood in open combat with their swords. Near Thranduil, Legolas and Tauriel they will receive +20% damage. While in combat, they grant them a bonus of +20% armor.
(Passive Ability)

Protector of the royal family
Prerequisites: Level 3
The Palace Guards use their large shields to keep enemies at bay. Their attacks throw back enemy infantry in a small radius.
(Passive Ability)

But hold up - who are these Mirkwood Pikemen?

The Mirkwood Pikemen (Sindarin: Eithyr Taur-nu-Fuin) used to be a unit that was only recruitable on a certain number of maps. This will change in 4.5.4, where they will be available from the Mirkwood Outpost as soon as the Troop Chambers have been constructed and they serve as the midgame alternative to Lorien's borderguards. They aren't as mobile as their relatives from the Golden Wood, but much tougher in direct battle. Paired with Mirkwood Swordsmen they can serve as the core of a tough army that trades damage for resilience, especially when Thranduil leads them. As abilities the Pikemen get a Porcupine Formation and "Ambush of the Wood Elves". Of course they also have been part of the graphic overhaul, as they have received a new pike and some texture adjustments for the shield.

In addition to the models of the units, there were also a few minor adjustments for the buildings of Mirkwood. As we have already made sure that we create a certain atmosphere with lanterns and the typical blue lights for Lothlórien, it was important for us to take up the recurring theme of light for the woodelves of Mirkwood as well. In the film itself, the lamps in Thranduil's halls were only visible in the background, but in the Hobbit Chronicles we found what we were looking for. The lamps in the Mirkwood are made of yellow crystal and therefore shine in a warm yellow tone, unlike the lanterns of Lórien. You can now find these lamps as small eye-catchers in the buildings of Mirkwood. A few little things like Palace Guards on the balconies, banners and weapon stands should also give the models a little more life.

The Beornings

Of course, the supporters of Lórien from the outskirts of Mirkwood have also received a revision. Besides some improvements to the model, the skin of the Beornings (Sindarin: Beornionnath) has also been revised.

Grimbeorn already had a nice and up-to-date model, so there was no need to revise it. But because it is so beautiful, it shall not remain unshown here.

Of course, the Beorning in front of the hut also received the updated design.

The changes to the Mirkwood faction will be included in fixpatch 4.5.4, which will be released soon. We hope you enjoyed the update and as always, we are looking forward to your feedback!

Your Edain Team
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