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Autor Thema: Edain Mod Screenshot-Contest 2020  (Gelesen 859 mal)

Elendils Cousin 3. Grades

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Edain Mod Screenshot-Contest 2020
« am: 6. Dez 2020, 19:25 »
Greetings, Companions of Edain!

With this post, we want to announce the return of an old competition: The official Edain Mod Screenshot Contest.

Several years have passed since we last organized something like this, so the time was ripe for a new edition. Therefore, we decided to carry out something similar again, and we are looking forward  for your active participation! Are you interested in beta access to the Misty Mountains? Do you want to see your contribution become part of the next version of Edain? Now is your chance!

What is the Edain Mod Screenshot Contest?

We are looking for the best screenshot for a given theme, chosen by the community.

How do I participate?
  • Take a screenshot ingame by pressing the button F12. You can disable the HUD by pressing F9. The screenshot will be saved in your image folder.
  • Upload the screenshot to a filehoster of your choice, for example imgur.
  • Send a pn with a link to the screenshot to either Gnomi or Elendils Cousin 3. Grades.

What are the rules?
  • You need to be registered on the MU to prevent multiple submissions from a single user
  • Only one submission per person is allowed
  • Editing the screenshot after taking it ingame is not allowed
  • The screenshot has to be taken in Edain, other mods or submods are not allowed. Exceptions are as follows:
    • You may use the worldbuilder to place units
    • You may not use the worldbuilder to create new maps
    • If you're unsure whether your screenshot meets the criteria, simply ask us
  • Deadline for submissions is 24.12.2020
  • After the 24.12.2020, there will be a public vote here on the Modding Union
  • The three participants who received the most votes will get beta access
We reserve the right to exclude any submission that does not meet the criteria. Again - if you are unsure about your screenshot, feel free to ask us if it complies with the rules and the theme.

*It is important that your Screenshot is visually appealing and sends a strong message – after all, you want to convince others that your image deserves to win.
*Pay attention that you create your screenshot with high graphics on a high resolution to increase its quality.

Afterwards, all screenshots will be presented to the community in our forum and will be juged by the community. The image with the most votes wins!

Theme of the Contest

Mountains of Middle-Earth

How you interpret that theme is your decision. It is only important that it has an appealing statement and convinces the viewers. It might be an image of the icy and dangerous territories of the orcs and goblins in the North, the Lonely Mountain in all its beauty, the terrifying Mountains of Shadow,... we are looking forward to your creativity!

The three participants who receive the most votes gain access to our internal 4.6 beta.
The participant who receives the most votes gets a special reward - his own Edain Mod cup!

If you have any questions, you can ask them here.

Everybody who is registered in our forum can join the competition - simply start a game, take a screenshot and send it to us. We are looking forward to your submissions!

Your Edain Team
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Elendils Cousin 3. Grades

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Re: Edain Mod Screenshot-Contest 2020
« Antwort #1 am: 31. Dez 2020, 09:52 »
The voting phase has ended, here are your winners:

First Place: Wurm Morgoths

No, only Aule's trees will be high enough. In the mountains, the Eagles will nest and hear the voices of those calling to us!

Second Place: Beregias

Battle of the Peak, Gandalf is fighting Durin's Bane atop Zirakzigil

Third place: wearwoif

We want to thank all contestants for participating and congratulate the winners. wearwoif, Beregias and Wurm Morgoths will get access to our beta, and Wurm Morgoths gets his own special Edain mug on top of that.

We wish you all a good start into 2021.

Your Edain Team