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Autor Thema: Edain Mod: Campaigns in War of the Ring  (Gelesen 814 mal)


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Edain Mod: Campaigns in War of the Ring
« am: 18. Dez 2020, 21:10 »
Greetings, companions of Edain!

Today we would like to give you another teaser into the reworking of the War of the Ring. It's a scenario! It's a campaign! No ... it's both!

Campaigns in War of the Ring

Clicking on the image to open the video on YouTube

Yes, you saw that right. xD While working on the general overhaul, we were also trying to figure out how to implement campaigns in the War of the Ring. At the beginning it was uncertain  whether this work would lead to a satisfying result at all, but we eventually got it to work and today we want to present you the first results. The linear campaign from "Battle for Middle-earth 2" on the side of the good races will make the beginning in 4.6. This will not only provide a wonderful background for the transitions between the individual levels, but it will also allow us to bypass the limitation of only two campaigns.

You start after a short intro video with Glorfindel as the army leader near the house of Elrond and have to warn him of the approaching orcs. After the first mission, your heroes will continue on their way through Middle-earth. To do so, simply advance to the next round on the LivingWorld and engage in the next mission.

The individual missions of the campaign from "Battle for Middle-earth 2" may already be familiar to most of you, but we are not just making them playable in Edain - we are also converting them to the buildplot system, using units, heroes, and spellbook powers from the latest Edain version. Likewise, some additional enemy activities will be integrated into the maps, so you will have new challenges to overcome with new strategies.
Our goal is for the maps to still feel like they did in the original game, but to be on par with the rest of Edain in terms of gameplay, strategy and graphics.
For example, Rivendell is now attacked by a more powerful force and there is a greater variety of attackers.
In return, you also have access to a larger roster of heroes and more soldiers at your disposal.

There's quite a lot you can expect in the future, because the work on this is still in progress. Rumor has it that a non-linear campaign would also be possible.
We hope you enjoyed this update and are looking forward to your feedback!

Happy advent season and stay healthy.

Your Edain Team