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Autor Thema: Morgul Blade Wraith Form Suggestion  (Gelesen 80 mal)


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Morgul Blade Wraith Form Suggestion
« am: 13. Okt 2021, 01:08 »
I really like what the devs have done with the lesser wraiths. They feel very haunting and spooky, very much akin to what I imagined they might be in the books. I have a suggestion about how to further amplify this, though. What if, when a hero is killed by a Morgul blade, instead of morphing into a non-descript wraith, he or she retains his or her identity as a hero but with the pale, wraith-like features and retaining some of his or her abilities to reflect the unique unit having been tainted and controlled by evil? It might require a new model for each hero, or may be just a simple color change or something.  Either way, it would add a nice little touch and bring the world to life a bit more genuinely, and let the player really feel a sense of loss at seeing his hero all ghoulish, all the while amplifying the sense of reward for the other player that he managed to get in that rare kill! Such a wraith wouldn't be permanent, for balancing and all that, but might operate similarly to Wormtongue's ability to control a hero, albeit with only X number of abilities. Just a fun thought!


  • Bilbos Festgast
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Re: Morgul Blade Wraith Form Suggestion
« Antwort #1 am: 13. Okt 2021, 07:55 »
It would be an interesting idea (though I'm not sure about letting the heroes still use their abilities; it would be a bit weird to control a Wraith Galadriel who can still give gifts...).

I'm all for it.
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Re: Morgul Blade Wraith Form Suggestion
« Antwort #2 am: Gestern um 11:02 »
Yeah, that would mean a new skin for every hero in the game plus a bunch of other work to give them new or different abilities. Speaking just from a practical point of view, this is not going to happen.


  • Thain des Auenlandes
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Re: Morgul Blade Wraith Form Suggestion
« Antwort #3 am: Gestern um 23:06 »
I suppose that's fair. Though, it could just be something simple like making the wraith hero pale in color or something and that would be it. More or less just a quick color change. No additional abilities or removing them. Basically just a flavor thing. Though, I guess if this were to be used, even though it might not be comparatively that much work, for the work that would be done for basically just a prettier lesser wraith, a suggestion could be that you might as well make it a stronger wraith or something to make the wraith hero worth it.
  Another suggestion could be to have the wraith hero make a different form of lesser wraiths out of units it kills, like in vanilla Angmar, where they do damage.
  Another suggestion altogether could be no change in color and just have the killed hero immediately transform into the permanent wraith you would normally get by requiring the Morgul Outpost. This way killing a hero with a rare Morgul Blade kill at least feels more rewarding than it simply transforming into a lesser wraith that can't do anything but scout, as any other unit already does.
  My point with all of this is, given how relatively difficult and rare it is to kill a hero with the Morgul Blade ability, it should be more rewarding than what it currently is. :)