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Autor Thema: Brief Misty Mountains Suggestions  (Gelesen 1713 mal)

Elendils Cousin 3. Grades

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Brief Misty Mountains Suggestions
« am: 4. Okt 2022, 10:57 »
In this thread, you can post small suggestions regarding the Misty Mountains. There are no fixed rules for whether a suggestion should be posted as its own thread in the suggestions forums or in this collective thread, you  may decide yourself whether you think your idea needs its own thread. As a general guideline, though, an idea that can be presented in just a couple of sentences may not need its own thread and could be discussed here, preventing the forum from getting too cluttered. On the other hand, if you want to discuss an aspect of the game in great depth or propose something like an entirely new hero with a full new set of abilities, a new thread might be more appropriate.


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Re: Brief Misty Mountains Suggestions
« Antwort #1 am: 26. Sep 2023, 17:51 »
Make the Monster Cage more expensive (600). Make goblins more expensive (150). Make wargs more expensive (400).
Reduce Troll speed, acceleration, and the speed at which they throw rocks. Its insanely easy to kite anything.