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Autor Thema: AI Bugs  (Gelesen 5241 mal)

Lord of Mordor

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AI Bugs
« am: 29. Mär 2015, 05:44 »
Post any bugs you encounter with the AI here.

- Isengard AI didnt buy upgrades from Steelworks
 - On Eaves of Fangorn, Imladris AI doesn't seem to do anything
 - I found this bug at Harlond, East Emnet and Emyn Arnen as well.

Notes from the team:
- ,,Dwarven AI seems to be able to create any heroes and revive them from any heroe building" -> Yes, the AI is able to build every hero from every building. We cant fix this because of the engine.
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Re: AI Bugs
« Antwort #1 am: 5. Sep 2016, 16:48 »
AI can now gain the ring sucessfully but only uses their ring heroes to fall back to their base with the Ring.
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Re: AI Bugs
« Antwort #2 am: 2. Nov 2016, 11:45 »
When playing against Imladris AI and AI picks up the ring, it will disappear for good. Because both The fellowship and Elrond won't drop the ring when I kill them. 


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Re: AI Bugs
« Antwort #3 am: 12. Nov 2016, 14:42 »
AI doesn't do anything on these maps:
map edain southlindon, Forelands of the Emyn Muil.

Will update this post if I find any more maps with the same issue.


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Re: AI Bugs
« Antwort #4 am: 30. Dez 2016, 11:28 »
    AI is not recruit those units/heroes
     Arnor: Palace Guards,Wind Raiders,Arnor, Archers from Archery Range,Lindon Guardians,ArnorAranarthDunedain, ArnorMalbethRecruit, GondorGandalf_mod_forFor nost ImladrisGlorfindel_forAr nor, LothlorienCirdan

    Rohan:Spear thrower,Rohan Captain,Theoden Corrupted(RohanOldMan) (to upgrade him later to  healthy Theoden)

    Dwarfs:DwarvenNarin,DwarvenEredMithrinDragonSlayer(why they are by defualt removed for AI ?

     Mordor: Mollok,WitchKing,Black Uruks,Mirkwood Spiders,Troll Catapult

     Lothlorien: Mirkwood Archers,Frodo,Sam

     Isengard:Bill Ferny(GasthausLutz) ,Shield Uruks

     Imladris:Veterans of the Last Alliance,Dunedain Spearman Horde ,Lindon Guardians,BruchtalSchwertmeisterHorde(not sure 100%) in english they are called Blade Masters

     Angmar:Helegwen,Karsh,Angmar Dire Wolf Horde,

     Other bugs with AI i found
    • Gulzar under AI control doing nothing he only move it looks like he had no weapon
    Concidering Gulzar I found this intersting on map Amon Sul Fortress Gulzar attacked only walls with his ranged attack.
    • Lothlorien AI when gets Ring always choose Galadriel Dark Queen never saw Bleesed one
    • Lothlorien AI in not buying upgrades for units
    • AI is not using various units special abilities similar to warg raiders ability "Howl"
    • Mordor AI is not using spellbook powers Haradrim , Rhun reinforcments
    • AI Mollok is not changing his weapon when  he is going to face enemy type units and heroes should be attacked with sword and buildings with hammer
    New discovered bug[/list]
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    Le Sournois

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    Re: AI Bugs
    « Antwort #5 am: 23. Jun 2017, 14:28 »
    In Midgwater marshes, in FFA against random Brutals, I chose Lothlorien and I found myself against 3 Dwarves, and after some time of game, none of them created troops anymore. They were only able to make heroes and battlewagons though they still had a hall of warriors. The problem is the same in the Emyn Arnen's map in some situations (against Ered Luin and Erebor when I played Mordor at the top of the map and the Dwarven AI in the bottom.
    I also noted that sometimes, Dwarven units appear on the edge of the map before the problem occurs, at a corner, in a different location from their castle start and they came from nowhere it seems.
    Thank you

    Le Sournois

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    Re: AI Bugs
    « Antwort #6 am: 23. Jun 2017, 15:01 »
    Oh, and I forgot to mention that each time, I had 25 per cent handicap. Perhaps, this is the cause.


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    Re: AI Bugs
    « Antwort #7 am: 27. Feb 2018, 15:55 »
    Dwarven AI does not seem to make units that come from the Siege Works unless they are Battlewagons.