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Autor Thema: Edain 4.0 - Create your own maps [EN]  (Gelesen 9185 mal)


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Edain 4.0 - Create your own maps [EN]
« am: 30. Mär 2015, 20:33 »
Greetings companions of Edain!
Since last Saturday you can play Edain 4.0 Demo, and we hope that you're having as much fun as we do.
We're sure many of you are wondering how to make your custom maps work with all the new mechanics, building system, and other new concepts of Edain 4.0, So we would like to present to you a detailed tutorial explaining how to make your maps work with Edain 4.0 and all other future versions.

First of all, make sure you have Edain 4.0 enabled in Edain launcher (otherwise it won't work).
Now open your map, as usual, with the World Builder of Rise of the Witch King game (you can find it in the main game folder).

Search for the starting points on your map they should be designated as Player_1_Start, Player_2_Start, and so on. These are the places were you would start in a fortress in the older and vanilla versions.

When you find the starting point for the first player, open the "Place Object" tool and go to ByNativeType / Civillian / MISC_MAN_MADE . There you will find FestungPlotFlag for the big Castle, and LagerPlotFlag for the smaller Camps.

Place the starting object that fits your map, and name it Festung_1 for Player_1, Festung_2 for Player_2, and so on.. then change the Team to PlyrCivilian/teamPlyrCivilian
As you would rarely get the facing right at first attempt, you can change the rotation in the Angle field .
The main facing of the LagerPlotFlag in game will be to the side that is labeled "UP", and the gate of FestungPlotFlag will be on the side that's labeled "Top".

You should make sure that the area where the Castle/Camp will be is completely flat and there's no other objects on it (like trees, bushes,..etc). To make sure that your ground is flat, here's what to do: Click the Castle/Camp you've placed and in the bottom left you can see the exact height of the terrain. Now open the Height Brush and put the value you'e just found in the Brush Height field. For the Brush Feather Width put any value less than 5. For the Brush Width put a value of 65 for the Camps, and 120 for the larger Castles.
Now place the brush right in the center of your Castle/Camp and use it.

Note that you may have only one type, either Castles or Camps, per each map. So all players should have the same starting bases.
The settlement and outpost building sites are much easier to place. Simply place the WirtschaftPlotFlag for Settlements (it's in the same place as the Castle and Camp objects), and ExpantionPlotFlag for Outposts (find it in ByNativeType / Neutral / MISC_MAN_MAD).

NOTE: settlements and outposts must be assigned to team PlyrCivilian/teamPlyrCivilian and must NOT be named!

Another important change that is important for the various new systems, such as the Dwarf Expedition, is to define a point to leave the map and a point to enter it.
Use the Waypoint tool and create a waypoint slightly outside the map boundaries where the troops will spawn.
Name the waypoint Player_1_Spawn for Player_1, Player_2_Spawn for Player_2 and so on. Using the Waypoint tool draw a line up to the map . write in the Waypoint Path Lables Player_Path purely without any number
Now create a waypoint inside the map from which the units will leave the map, and draw a line to outside the map . Write in the Waypoint Path Lables Player_1_Path for player_1, Player_2_Path for player_2, and so on.
NOTE: you must create those two In and Out waypoints for every player.

In the end, here's a quick summery that you should finally check:
  • Create a Castle/Camp and name it Festung_1, Festung_2,...etc.
  • Assign Castles, Camps, Settlements, Outposts to PlyrCivilian/teamPlyrCivilian.
  • Make sure that Outposts and Settlements Plots are unnamed.
  • Clean the ground under Castles/Camps from all other objects, and flatten it with the Brush.
  • Create a waypoint path from outside the map to the inside, and name the first waypoint Player_1_Spawn, Player_2_Spawn,...etc. and name the path Player_Path.
  • Create a waypoint path from inside the map to the outside. name the pathe Player_1_Path, Player_2_Path,...etc.

Congratulations! Your map should now work like an official Edain map.

best regards for all mappers  xD
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Re: Edain 4.0 - Create your own maps [EN]
« Antwort #1 am: 21. Okt 2015, 03:17 »
What is the brush feather width I should put for Outposts?

Also, I think it bears mentioning that currently the ExpansionFlag in ByNativeType / Civilian / STRUCTURE doesn't allow you to build special outposts, only vanilla ones (or at least it isn't allowing it for the dwarves to build Dale/Lake-town). The ExpansionFlag in ByNativeType / Neutral / MISC_MAN_MADE is working as normal. I belive this is a 4.1.2 thing.
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Re: Edain 4.0 - Create your own maps [EN]
« Antwort #2 am: 21. Okt 2015, 11:36 »
Outposts are easy. Just put an output and extend the brush to cover it all. I think it would be about 30 to 40. I'm not sure though.

The Expansion Flag allows you to build everything for all factions. However only with Dwarves there seems to be a bug. Hopefully it will be addressed
Try with the other factions. It should work just right.

EDIT: tutorial has been edited as it seems there was a mistake with the right expansionplotflag  xD
« Letzte Änderung: 9. Nov 2015, 15:12 von hoho96 »