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Evil Men Faction

Yes an Evil Men faction would be great with all of the realms combined.
91 (67.9%)
I like the evil men the way they are now.
7 (5.2%)
I think they should not have a faction but i would like more units from the spellbook.
3 (2.2%)
Harad And Rhun should be two separate factions.
33 (24.6%)

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Autor Thema: A possible new Evil Men faction  (Gelesen 26959 mal)


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Re: A possible new Evil Men faction
« Antwort #135 am: 24. Mär 2020, 21:42 »
Thanks :) Time is too precious for all of us. I hope i get more free time to involve this.


  • Bilbos Festgast
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Re: A possible new Evil Men faction
« Antwort #136 am: 27. Mär 2020, 00:16 »
You know, I was thinking, since we have elected to utilize tent structures for the castle systems--why not then do a system like the Dwarfs?

So picture this: We have the tent system for Harad, but their outposts would be Umbar. If we select Rhun then the outpost would be a Khand outpost. And if one were to choose Far Harad the outpost would be half-troll tribes.

This may seem like a crazy idea, but Far Harad's main units should consist of Morwaith people. Think Zulu like with cavalry being Oliphants, Camels, and or Zebras.

You could keep the power tree as is, the only thing that would need to be expanded is the Morwaith units and half-troll tribes.

I think this would be more promising and would function possibly better. I also thought of how the Black Numenorian ability to make numenorian structures could work.

Say the Evil Men are playing against a 8 man faction and Rhun is selected. The Black Numenorian comes and makes the Rhun Chieftain to the Dragon King. If Rhun conquers any other castle base, or if they have the money to purchase a castle base--then the structure becomes like the fortress in your pictures.

I don't know though, since the function would be similar to the Dwarfs--could the structures be changed based on the differing cultures? That is something that needs to be considered.

Oh for a better understanding of Rhun, Harad, and Far Harad troop types--I went to these following links for ideas and they seem to be perfect if we tweaked them to the Edain Mod.

Far Harad:





As we currently have it with Umbar playing a big part and using Mumaks.


As we have it. Khand would be more fitting as their outpost since they--like Rhun, participated with the Wains.

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Re: A possible new Evil Men faction
« Antwort #137 am: 28. Mär 2020, 21:39 »

I believe that Men of Darkness consept has been finalised with your help. There may be some improvements up to feedbacks but seems that now is not the right time. I will answer almost every suggestion and constructive critism anyway. So don't be upset for it is finished my friend, latest edits will be shared here and you are always welcomed.

The path of evil men is done from my part (except above), but this doesn't mean the journeys ended. The last faction remains an enigma because there is non confirmation or feedback from ET. As you know, Dorwinion consept still awaits to be concluded for proposing. How many mismatches do we have does not matter, the creatives of Edain can work together (all of them) as long as positive approachings are exist. If you want to be more active in the forum or just share ideas, i will be arround till accomplish the task.

The truth is that the road of Edain will endure until the end. There will always be proposals to support mostly whoever prepares them. Whatever the roles are appointed, everyone tries to contribute for sure with the discussions (but limited to here). Their best will carry this project to get full potential. I do not want to break the order which already established nor join needless discussions to be more protective (this includes discord). However my part is over until any call which is not expected any more. So there is not much to do in the journey, this might be a goodbye at the end.

Just remember that our differences make us colourful, not just b/w.

Best regards.


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Re: A possible new Evil Men faction
« Antwort #138 am: 29. Mär 2020, 01:21 »
Okay cool. My suggestions were just that, suggestions. Have a good one.