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Autor Thema: Ability for the berserkers.  (Gelesen 949 mal)


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Ability for the berserkers.
« am: 9. Jul 2016, 22:16 »
Hello everyone! I would like to propose a small change to the berserkers, let us be quite clear about this: they are useful in 4.3.2 version but I think that a new ability would be interesting because the berserkers are a bit boring for an elite unit who is available in a level 3 uruk pit.
On top of that Isengard has no heroic unit so it would be great if we could buff them, they deserve to be more dangerous, after all they are Saruman's most dangerous creation, they fulfill their helmet with blood before the fight, they are fanatics.
Here are some of my ideas for a new ability :
> Berserkergang. (active ability)
- +100 damage but -50 less armor for 30 sec.
- + 50 damage and + 25 attack speed for 30 sec but - 25 less armor.
- + 100 damage and + 50 mouvement speed but the berserker die after 30 sec.

> Bloodthirsty (active ability)
- + 25 damage and knock-back the enemies for 30 sec.
- + 25 damage, knock-back resistance and regenerate health to every attack on a unit but has - 25 armor.
- The berserker still fight after his death ( passive ability like Boromir)

This last ability shows that these creatures are immunized to pain, after all they can't be killed by Legolas's arrows in the movie. Feel free to tell me what you think about these ideas! And sorry for my bad english !  :)
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Re: Ability for the berserkers.
« Antwort #1 am: 10. Jul 2016, 02:00 »
AGAINST - Berserker are already on the edge of being OP. They have 2 passive abilities which makes them the strongest unit against spam/or with blades, one of the best units against heavy units. + they have no recruit limit, so u can spam them.
No need to buff them at all.

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Re: Ability for the berserkers.
« Antwort #2 am: 10. Jul 2016, 09:54 »
I don't know what you mean by no recruit limit django, they have a 45 cp cost just like most other single units. They are also very easy to counter with archers and heroes, although they do blend in a bit.

I think giving the Berserkers a new ability would be alright, as long as proper balancing was done to cost, and also when they use the ability they should have some kind of effect on them to help single them out in the Uruk horde so you can target them with heroes etc.
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Re: Ability for the berserkers.
« Antwort #3 am: 10. Jul 2016, 09:59 »
without any opinion to this: i'd suggest renaming "berserker's madness" to "Berserkergang" it's the term for "going Berserk"

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Re: Ability for the berserkers.
« Antwort #4 am: 10. Jul 2016, 10:32 »
Thank you for your answers, I think that an ability with a negative effect as an armor reduction could be interesting and still balanced, and I disagree with you Django, Berserker can easly be killed if they are not protected and they can't be affected by leadership.
If the price is increased berserker will remain balanced, the purpose is just to make them strategically more interesting, we should use their ability wisely.
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