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Autor Thema: Builders, buildings  (Gelesen 1359 mal)


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Builders, buildings
« am: 28. Feb 2017, 18:02 »
Hello community of Edain,

I realysed I made a mistake, because I posted in the wrong section of the forum. And just after a few days I found this topic. I'm so sorry for my mistake.
So I would ask the moderator ( If it is possible to delete/move my post from here : https://modding-union.com/index.php/topic,34459.0.html )

But now, that I'm posting in the right section I would like to ask my questions here. :)

So first of all I like to play the mod. Gampleplay ideas, and all.
But, I would like to chage something in the game, and as I guess its a bretty big thing, but I have some ideas.
The core of the idea is that I would like to bring back the original builder system to Edain's cuirrent version, with a working AI.

To start I found the playertemplate ini, I guess i just have to change the starting units for each faction ( soilders to builders ). ( I hope I will get a fortress :D )
Second, to allow this to use by the AI, I must change all factions .bse ( to a fortress set up with buildings by me ) file I think.
But I have some problems, because some buttons are missing from the fortresses ( spells, heroes, units ), I can't use them properly and I guess the AI will have some problems  using it too ( because if the missing buttons ). And also to make the AI product buildings. So I guess I should add all of the constructable buildings to the builders buttonset ( to allow the buildings recruitment).
And when they build the structures they will product units, because they are doing it now too.
The farm templates on the maps are no problem, If the AI will place the right building to there ( slaughterhouse as mordor for example ).
Oh and of course I will have to bring back the producting area for the farms.

If I missed anything from this please complement me.
Any help from you will be appreciated. :)

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