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Autor Thema: 4.4 Overview of the factions and subfactions for noobs?  (Gelesen 367 mal)

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My friend and I are new to Edain and are both curious about all the factions and subfactions. We are playing through them to get a feel but don't really understand how one faction's units are different from another. We understand the rock, paper, scissors systems but Gondor's spearmen are probably better than Mordor's for instance.

How are the Dwarven subfactions different from another? What are each factions strengths and weaknesses?

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Re: 4.4 Overview of the factions and subfactions for noobs?
« Antwort #2 am: 19. Jul 2017, 11:21 »
For a broad overview of the mod: http://edain.wikia.com
Come chat Edain on Discord: https://discord.gg/CMhkeb8
Questions on the Mod? Visit the Official Wiki: http://edain.wikia.com/