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Autor Thema: Come help us, we recruit team members:  (Gelesen 2465 mal)


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Come help us, we recruit team members:
« am: 6. Feb 2018, 11:46 »
The amount of work on An Edain Submod become bigger everyday, we so decided to recruit some team members to help us.

An Edain Submod recruit

Hello everyone !
We currently write all the factions plans and the amount of work planned for each of them are really big. All the day An Edain Submod project become bigger and the work content is extended. This is for this reasons that we will need help to developpe the Submod. The current team is able to make all the following task but we need to work a little faster if we want to release the mod in time.

The member must know how to speak English (not perfectly but understandable).

Member’s Goals that we need :

The first recruitement phase :
- One palantir and button images maker → The mini images maker will work on all the button part like the unit portrait, ability buttons etc...
- One FX creator → The FX creator is the member which will make all the specials effect for the spells and ability (like the morgul sorcery for exemple).
- Two units animations creators → These members will work on the characters animations, for the building’s people or the units.
- One buildings animations creator → This member will make the doors animations for example, but also other things like the buildings construction animation.
- Two coders : The coders must know to coding art and be able to make things like the spells and ability, but also geometry for the buildings, weapons and armors settings or upgrades system.
- One IA coder : This member will be the member responsable of all the IA comportement, he will make the codes lines that will allow the IA to train the new units, build the new buildings, use the new spell, and use all the new map’s doors.


The second recruitement phase : I will update the arcticle when this recruitement phase begin.
- Voice actors English, French and German → The voice actors are the members which will make the voices for the new units and characters.
These members will follow a script that we will send to them.
- Translators/writter French (x1), and German (x1):


The third recruitement phase : I will update the arcticle when this recruitement phase begin.
- Beta testeurs → For recruitement of the beta testers will be made by and other way. I will personnaly choose them and send them a private message.

All the team members will have a mod access and will so be able to check all the mod parts and to notify the differents bugs and game crashes.

Member’s Goals that we don’t need :

- Models makers
- Textures makers
- Mappers → We don’t need more mappers for the moment, a recruitement will maybe be open again later.
- Plans maker → we are already two to work on the factions plans and this is suffisant if we won’t fall in the confusion, because too much suggestion at time can confused to choice fors each factions (the suggestions making will be open in the third developpement time).

How to be recruited :

Your are interested by one of the task present on this article, just send me a private message on modDB (or Modding Union if you want but I’m more active on modDB) saying me what you are able to make and wait my answer and instructions for the "test period".
The beta testeurs will be recruited by an other way. I will personaly choose them and send them a recruitement messages.
I will after invite you on the recruitement page of An Edain Submod Team.

What is the "test period" :

- The test period is the time which follow your team request. During this time, we will test your capacity asking you divers works (this work will of course be related to the task for which you postulated).
This is only after the end of this test period that you will become a real member of An Edain Submod team and receive some access to the mod folder and plans.
The time duration of this test period will be based on my personal choice.

Other way to help us :

- You don’t want to be a part of the team but you currently work on some personal modifications for the BFME games. We can integrate some part of your work in you send it to us (you will of course be mentioned in the credit list of the mod and in the Showcase).

- You can also make a translation in one of the missing languages after the release date of the Submod.
We already have English/German/French.

All the Submod rules will be present on the recruitement page.
Thanks for reading!