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Autor Thema: Neo-Black Speech and Neo-Orcish  (Gelesen 89 mal)

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Neo-Black Speech and Neo-Orcish
« am: 11. Mär 2021, 17:16 »
Hello all,

lately I've been studying the languages of Middle-earth more often, especially David Salo's Neo-Languages for the movies. I have tried to analyze the film quotes in Orcish and Black Speech from the two film trilogies using the available materials. For Neo-Elvish and Neo-Khuzdul there are already many reliable sources, for the languages of Sauron's servants the situation is unfortunately a bit different. The information available here is very limited and one of the main problems is that neither the English nor the German subtitles use the correct translations for the sentences. For example: The subtitle in the movies says: "They guard the gates! Not all of them!". The spoken Orcish lines translate to: "Now some sleep! Ugly Elves! They guard their territory!". But I tried my best to gather as many translations as possible.

I don't know if there are any other nerds here who are as excited about the languages as I am, but I thought I'd share my findings here just in case anyone is interested.  [ugly] For all of them I also have a derivation, which I have omitted here because the presentation cannot be reasonably accomplished in the narrow MU window. If someone is interested in the derivation, the individual word and sentence parts or the pronunciation of a quote, just ask and I will help. :)