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What do you say about remastering good and evil campaigns from BFME2 and BFME1 into Edain? With proper heroes and lore? Its a shit tone of work but one can only hope  8-| :)

I would be agree for a revision of the good and evil campaign.
But the campaign from Bfme 1 in Bfme 2 RotWk is not possible, because the campaign of Bfme 1 has a completely different systeme.
In addition, from bfme 2 there was a limitation of the maps that can be used for the campaign.
Allgemeine Modding-Fragen / Re: Patches oder Mods für SuM1
« Letzter Beitrag von Rekudo93 am Heute um 00:10 »
Ja es gibt sehr gute Mods für SuM 1:

Elvenstar Mod:

Die Schlacht um Beleriand:

Edain 1 Mod für SuM 1:

Hoffe du hast Spaß mit den Mods  8-)
Allgemeine Modding-Fragen / Re: Modding der Strukturen
« Letzter Beitrag von Rekudo93 am Heute um 00:06 »
Dein Problem liegt in den Zeile:
#define   GONDOR_BARRACKS_LVL1_EXP _AWARD          100
#define   GONDOR_BARRACKS_LVL2_EXP _AWARD          150
#define   GONDOR_BARRACKS_LVL3_EXP _AWARD          200

Diese Werte sind zu hoch, einfach wieder auf 10, 15 und 20 herabsetzen. Was möchtest du überhaupt erreichen??
Das die Kaserne schneller levelt?
Wenn ja einfach mal mit 20,30 und 40 austesten  ;)

P.S. Der Wert hinter _AWARD gibt an wie viele EXP-Punkte deine Kaserne pro Rekrutierung zusätzlich noch bekommt.
Da du weiter unter aber bei
#define GONDOR_BARRACKS_LVL2_EXP _NEEDED         400
#define GONDOR_BARRACKS_LVL3_EXP _NEEDED             800
den LV: 3 Wert reduziert hast, benötigt deine Kaserne um von Lv. 2 auf Lv. 3 zu kommen genau 0 Punkte  :P
Converting the old iconic campaigns to Edain would definitely be a landmark achievement. I wholeheartedly root for such a proposition. Just imagine all the wonders one could make true, though the needed work would be insanely daunting for anyone embarking on the project.
The Lord of the Rings / Re: Annals of Aman
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Gestern um 14:08 »
Green was once vivid,
Vibrant, not timid,
At the time of peace, as winds many seeds used to sow,
Before the war none could fore-know.

RPG Library / Re: Varda
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Gestern um 13:55 »

Love, with love camest thou to be,
Render each dawn bright, bless me,
I beg, I pray and ask,
May thy grace be granted, may we fulfil the task.

If one be worthy enough,
Give him serene ghost and laugh,
If thou be'st to save,
Spare the mariner from the furious wave.

Thee acclaim all as rightful queen,
Better prodigy hath the mere folk never seen,
Lady of starlight, fairest star,
Hope in celestial vastness, not dim nor far.

In eternity shall we praise,
Who lamps in heaven was to raise,
Methinks, how lucky am I beneath thy skies to live,
This I keep singing, morn and eve.
RPG Library / Re: The Hearth of Tales
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Gestern um 13:37 »

Never be late for dinner,
That is wrong-doing, of a real sinner,
Here in the Shire cherish we the fine old meal,
Which evenly refreshes the tired and ill.
RPG Library / Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Gestern um 13:22 »

Adamant his heraldry,
Servant of pure majesty,
Divine envoy for the common good,
To him respond realms, height, sea and wood.

Sky herald, greatest with blade,
At the behest of the West,
Never will your merry kingdom fade,
Not even in the darkest night, facing the hardest test.

The word of the Lord you have ever borne,
The sole holding rule on Arda,
No other woe shall we mourn,
Pray, be this true, miraculous Varda.

Holy messenger, forever we hail your name,
Hallowed potency, legendary fame,
At the apex of joy you stay,
Beside the King on his lit way.
What do you say about remastering good and evil campaigns from BFME2 and BFME1 into Edain? With proper heroes and lore? Its a shit tone of work but one can only hope  8-| :)

I think Necro said that if he was going to do it (big emphasis on "if"), he'd wait until Misty Mountains were out so he can use all the goblin units and heroes.
RPG Library / Re: Dismay and Sorrow
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Gestern um 13:16 »

Busy they are all,
Those in the Evil's thrall,
Look, observe them strive,
So much, to hurt anything alive,
Can you see? Laborious hands work without pause,
In tainted lands, ruled not by laws,
Incessantly shall they serve their master,
For a new plagued world to foster,
As illness they do fester,
Unchained was the beast, freed the monster.
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