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I support general idea and I really like all skills, wonderful arguments behind them and not generic like "fireball" or something like that.  8-|

But I have problem with some things:
1) That Smaug is summonable from the beginning and you have to unlock him through the spellbook. That is quite boring for me and it doesn't help to anything. Also I wonder how AI will react.
2) It leads me to second thing - levelling. Game is based on levelling. You level heroes, units, buildings ... it has not only strategic but mainly RPG feeling. I would be careful with exceptions and Smaug doesn't seem to me like the best candidate for it. He isn't so ancient ... Sauron is ancient, Galadriel is ancient, wizards-maiar are ancient. They are definitely better candidates to start with full arsenal of powers (I mean on level 10 as you proposed for Smaug)
3) Smaug as a central spell. Honestly I don't know if Smaug is crucial for the faction like Saruman for Isengard, Galadriel for Lorien or Sauron for Mordor. I always considered him as powerful and unique additon which is above the whole goblin's faction and he, as a very strong entity, is quite separate and uncontrollable ... exactly like Balrog who is only temporar while Smaug is permanent. But their characterization is the same.
I can imagine that Misty Mountains faction needs rather some active and offensive central spell, which underlines their aggressive gamestyle ...  8-)
[Edain] Dwarven Suggestions / Re: Durin VII The Last
« Letzter Beitrag von Tiberius Ogden am Heute um 03:52 »
I am in favor of everything what takes the One ring away from King Dain's hand!  xD
Time inconsistency definitely isn't obstacle, especially in Edain. We can find it in every faction.
Much more problematic is when someone is in game out of character and generally it seems strange or doesn't fit. One thing is how the concept is playable, second thing is how the concept feels.
For instance I really like Thranduil's shield bubble, but doesn't feel right for him. For Celeborn or Glorfindel? Maybe. For battle mage like Gandalf? He already has shield bubble.  :P But definitely not for the king of the Wood elves, where magic isn't present like in Lothlorien or Imladris, thanks to rings of power.
The same case is for me old Dain using the One ring. 
[Edain] Gondor Suggestions / Re: Narya
« Letzter Beitrag von Tiberius Ogden am Heute um 03:34 »
I am for this proposal, which makes Gandalf's skillset little more interesting in comparison with vanilla abilities which can name them even while sleeping. Yes, they are fine and fit, I wouldn't change them even after so many years since BFME1, but it doesn't mean that we can't add something what will shine above them, like Narya stances.
And personally I wouldn't be afraid of adding some bonuses to his normal Narya stance and lesser little bit negative effects for aggressive and defensive stances.
We are talking about one of the three elven rings power. And from gameplay-balance perspective, don't forget that Gandalf has mount skill, which is just pure travelling skill without effect. So he has in total only four abilities which do something, so use fifth for stances doesn't mean that he will be abnormally strong.
[Edain] Gondor Suggestions / Re: Gandalf (Arnor)
« Letzter Beitrag von Tiberius Ogden am Heute um 03:21 »
I am definitely (and logically  xD) for this proposal!
Glad to see that my and Tienety's original ideas evolved into unique Gandal's skillset, which not only separates him from his Gondor's counterpart, but also will make Arnor much more playable for fans who think that Arnor is just boring copy of Gondor. Reworked Gandalf for Arnor provides so needed fresh air, especially the skills which are based on Hobbit movies.  8-)
[Edain] Dwarven Suggestions / Re: The Earth Hammer
« Letzter Beitrag von Tiberius Ogden am Heute um 03:03 »
The simplest solution would be that machine (animation) will appear, trigger massive earthquake, and then dissapear.
Nothing more. It will solve issue that dwarves are not mages - they need siege machine for such spell, and also spell execution will be much more interesting by adding additional animation.  :)
Herr der Ringe / Re: Herr der Ringe-Rätsel-Thread
« Letzter Beitrag von -Mandos- am Heute um 02:07 »
Wenn es um Fragmente geht:

Herr der Ringe / Re: Herr der Ringe-Rätsel-Thread
« Letzter Beitrag von TheOnlyTrueWitchking am Heute um 01:54 »
Minas Morgul ist der Schädelmond, und das "lyrische ich" bin.. Ich? Also der Hexenkönig?

Und bitte, kein Kommentar zur Uhrzeit.  8-| Ich weiß auch nicht was ich noch hier mache, auch wenn ich morgen frei habe.  [ugly]
[Edain] Lothlorien Suggestions / Legolas and Tauriel
« Letzter Beitrag von Tiberius Ogden am Heute um 00:28 »
New place for Legolas and Tauriel

There are two most common arguments from the fans:
1) Mirkwood deserves greater importance in Lorien faction (or even deserves to be separate faction), because of its presence in the whole Hobbit trilogy, plus Legolas in LOTR trilogy.
2) Tauriel should be playable permanently, because of her importance in the Hobbit movies and also that in the mod aren't enough women's heroines. She would be brilliant scout hero with movie feeling but such role already have Rumil and Orophin. And scout hero can't be part of the outpost.

So far Mirkwood occupied only outpost.
Speaking in general logic - you need from the outpost mainly that kind of units that isn't in the main base ... and in the settlement you should find units that are cheap and fast.
In the Lothlorien's case light units are in the base, while heavy units belong to outpost. It fits. What doesn't too fit are settlements - part of them are beornings and ents, so neither  cheap, nor fast units.

Concerning heroes:
Thranduil is army leader and tank, he fits well as leader of Mirkwood units.
Opposite case is Legolas, mass slayer with hero killer aspect, but we can say that he is primarily interesting agile hero for whom is quite late to be recruit from outpost.
Tauriel is agile scout hero with a melee focus. Currently is only summonable through spellbook for short period of time. Adding her now shouldn't be problem concerning numbers cause Frodo and Sam will be gone and we also support idea to make Rumil and Orophin as a one-hero concept.

To sum up:
1) Legolas should be recruitable earlier
2) Tauriel should be permanent and work as a scout for players who don't prefer Rumil and Orophin
3) Settlements need fast, cheap, and agile units at the beginning of the game
And in general - Mirkwood deserves greater importance in the whole faction

Solution is quite simple and connects all points:

Border patrol
In the movies, we can see that Legolas definitely isn't ruler like his father, rather agile and quick elf who enjoys forest and team work with Tauriel and other light elves, who are on duty to guard borders.

So we suggest to move Legolas from the late outpost to earlier settlement, together with Tauriel who now be permanent (not to mention that her full skillset teams up with Legolas), and Mirkwood guards who will be recruitable as the cheap and fast units in the settlement as well.

Building for border patrol is model from 3.8.1.:

And what will be the new spellbook spell instead?

Feasts of Mirkwood
The Elves of Mirkwood raise a feast which offers the best vine from Dorwinion. The feast generates resources, raises the commandpoints by 30 and Dorwinion's vine provides fear resistance and + 10 % attack bonus to nearby allied units. If enemies get very near the feast, the elves will vanish immediately. The feast may only be summoned thrice at the same time.

It's well known Thranduil's ultimate ability. We think that suits much better as a spellbook spell, fits into defensive row but mainly works with the overall hit and run gameplay tactic.
Problem is that Thranduil is tank and army leader ... and such skill is quite out of place in his skillset (although without doubt lore accurate).

We removed healing effect cause it's now implemented in Refuge in the Woods spell, and added attack bonus and fear resistance through the vine - at least some connection to Dorwinions. Also blessed Galadriel will lose skillset, which means also passive aura which provides fear resistance will be gone.

Again - and what will be Thranduil's new ability instead?

We think that our idea connects all Mirkwood wishes and problematic faction's aspects into one compromise solution.

We are looking forward to debate with you, but mainly Edaining! xD


Ist das hier schonmal aufgetaucht?
Vorschläge zu Lothlorien / Re: Kurzvorschläge zu Lothlorien
« Letzter Beitrag von PresquePlayed am Gestern um 19:04 »
Ich fände es gut wenn die Textur des Pfeilhagels für Lothlorien verändert werssn würde bis jetzt segen diese wie Feuerpfeile aus Silberdornpfeile wären meiner Meinung nach passender
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