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[Edain] General Suggestions / Re: General Question?
« Letzter Beitrag von FG15 am Gestern um 11:30 »
No matter whether they stayed friends or became foes, I think it would be most interesting to have them in the same faction. This way their similarities and divergences could be much better highlighted.
[Edain] General Suggestions / Re: General Question?
« Letzter Beitrag von Elendils Cousin 3. Grades am Gestern um 11:04 »
We've got some ideas for them, but since they won't be part of MM, they are no priority at all. That being said, I wouldn't necessarily agree with your assessment that their friendship dissolved - Gandalf and Saruman got along well for a long time before Saruman fell, but they influenced the people around them in very different ways. The lands to the east and south of Mordor are vast, so it's not unlikely that they split up on their travels, but remained on good terms and only saw each other infrequently, thus leading to different cults for each of them.
Coding / Re: No-time limit Submod: Issues and Bugs
« Letzter Beitrag von The_Necromancer0 am 19. Sep 2021, 18:46 »
With ghan-buri-ghan the way I did is that I replaced the OCL it spawns in the GoodSpellbook (it's module ModuleTag_SummonDruedain Allies). For fixing the duplicates the only way I figured out how to fix was a child object again.

To make the powers available you'll have to remove their requirement. There is usually a "starter" module that you have to remove and then in the specialpower module you have to switch StartsActive to Yes.

Here's my map.ini code for ghan-buri-ghan
[Edain] General Suggestions / General Question?
« Letzter Beitrag von dkbluewizard2 am 19. Sep 2021, 03:43 »
I had a quick and simple question for the Edain Team. With MM on the way, do you guys feel the Blue Wizards should be together in the same faction or in separate factions?

I know in my mind, I feel that the Blue Wizard's friendship dissolved. My only reason for this is that Tolkien describes the Blue Wizards failure by creating cults of magic. Now if they were still friends, wouldn't they have created one cult and ruled it jointly? This reason, I feel Pallando fell away in a manner similar to Radagast, and Alatar fell away in a similar fashion, like Saruman.

It would be cool to see Alatar in the Men of Darkness faction as a Ring Hero--I foresee him being like Grima, a counselor to the ruler of Rhun, but is secretly ruling everything.
[Edain] Bug-Meldungen / Re: Streitwagen Asynchron
« Letzter Beitrag von Smeargollum am 18. Sep 2021, 22:03 »
Hier noch ein Replay. Es war wieder kurz nachdem ich die gegnerischen Streitwägen das erste Mal gesehen hatte, aber diesmal war der Gegner Erebor. Ich weiß außerdem nicht, ob davor schon ein anderer Spieler die Streitwägen gesehen hatte.
Damit ist meine "Ered Luin Only" Theorie von letztem Mal wiederlegt.

PS. Fragt bitte nicht, warum wir FFA gespielt haben^^
Coding / Re: No-time limit Submod: Issues and Bugs
« Letzter Beitrag von Miaulë am 18. Sep 2021, 11:40 »
Now the duplication of Elfelm and Grimbold hordes are now solved. I added the codeline under their childobject in the rohanhorde file.
Without your help It would have taken a lot longer.

The secondary ered luin heroes are summoned like "slave" so there is the same  problem of ghan-buri-ghan. Also they have some powers blocked. What should I do to make them available?
Coding / Re: No-time limit Submod: Issues and Bugs
« Letzter Beitrag von Miaulë am 17. Sep 2021, 22:53 »
Thanks. I immediately go to try this.

About oath breakers, yes they seem indestructible but 1 attack of sauron in armor destroys them; or a combination of tower fire arrows with garrison.

about huorns, they are immobile and I thinked it could create an excessive ground occupation.
For ered luin heroes I thinked there would be a no complete company because bombur remains "to cook" but probably I will remove their timers anyway
Coding / Re: No-time limit Submod: Issues and Bugs
« Letzter Beitrag von The_Necromancer0 am 17. Sep 2021, 18:20 »
I'll have a look at the duplication issue this weekend, I find it weird that these battalions seem to escape the rule.

I think removing the timers on the Huorns and Ered Luin's secondary heroes should probably be fine. Unless there is a specific reason you didn't want to?

Also, have you considered leaving the time on the Oathbreakers and on the King of the Dead? I think that a permanent Army of the Dead sounds fun at first but since it's basically an automatic win button it might lose its savour quite quickly.

So I stumbled on something interesting while playing around in the map.ini, I made a child object from Grimbold's horde, removed the timer, added MaxSimultaneousOfType and replaced the horde in the OCL with the child object. When I tested it in the game that seemed to do the trick to prevent multiple instances from spawning. So might be worth playing around with child objects.

ChildObject GetreueReiterHordeGrimbold_SummonedMax GetreueReiterHordeGrimbold_Summoned
    RemoveModule ModuleTag_LifetimeUpdate
    MaxSimultaneousOfType = 1
Coding / Re: No-time limit Submod: Issues and Bugs
« Letzter Beitrag von Miaulë am 17. Sep 2021, 17:09 »
Before submitting the publication request I would like to list the timers I have not changed:

Boromir ring corruption timer;

Mordor bats;

turncoats of arnor;


Mordor white wights;

Ered luin secondary heroes (bombur for example);

What do you think about?
Coding / Re: No-time limit Submod: Issues and Bugs
« Letzter Beitrag von Miaulë am 17. Sep 2021, 15:41 »
Thank you very much! <3
I never imagined there was a timer in "projectile" file.

Now I can proceed to remove the timers on portraits.

The only unresolved things are the summon duplications of Ghan-buri-ghan, Grimbold and Elfhelm
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