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Sonstiges / Re: Skulldur´s Let´s Plays
« Letzter Beitrag von Skulldur am Heute um 17:10 »
War Thunder News. In diesem Video erfahrt ich, welche Fahrzeuge wahrscheinlich während der Weihnachtsaktion freigespielt werden können. Ein mögliches Releasedatum von Patch 1.75 und mehr...!
Das Video war eine Nacht & Nebel Aktion, sorry wegen sehr schlichter Ausführung, hoffe es gefällt trotzdem!
Sorry wegen dem langen Outro!

<a href="//www.youtube.com/watch?v=wP20RmsxjSo" target="_blank">//www.youtube.com/watch?v=wP20RmsxjSo</a>
Sehr schöhne Musik und ich glaube auch es wird richtig gut zu Arnor passen, aber ganz genau kann man es erst sagen wen es eingebaut ist aber ich glaube schohn.
[Edain] Diskussion und Feedback / Re: Euer Feedback zu Edain 4.4: Allgemein
« Letzter Beitrag von Zypo am Heute um 16:30 »
Wirklich sehr stimmig, die Arnor-Musik, ein weiterer Grund, warum mir Arnor sogar besser gefällt als Gondor. Sehr gelungen ist vor allem die Atmosphäre die mit den neuen Stücken vermittelt wird.
RPG Library / Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Heute um 15:59 »
Murder, solitude and insane torture

Piety one could feel, and even anger, fear and profound dismay,
Buoyant dweller along the river he once was, until trapped he was by horrible chains and always in darkness thereafter he lay,
It began with murder and solitary exile, as his life too long for nature's laws was spanning and his very doing from human composure slowly turned into the one of a beast,
There, in caverns hidden under mines and reigns, his foul treasure consumed the sane remnants of his being, deep in dungeons of stone surrounded by mist.
RPG Library / Re: Varda
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Heute um 15:39 »
Raised to defend

The exile, worst wound of such parting was,
The Smith longed to seek retribution and went after the Foe, unto the sad shores of the mortal world,
Thy blessed domain just had to be preserved and guarded for good, not only from the enemy gaze, but also from whom the order of Valinórë had elected to disobey,
Thus, thou raisedst a girdle of magical isles in the midst of waves, covered by spells of concealment and sheer oblivion, for the door had to be shut for any labouring or suffering beyond the sea, and those very islands were not means to harm, as they were raised to hide and defend.
RPG Library / Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Heute um 15:12 »
The ending foretold

Voices had spoken of ominous signs, unbeknownst to the most, according to which ill our story was to turn,
At the end of the mighty alliance that closed the chapter of an age, in times buried and entombed deeply in the conscience of this continent,
The Enemy had been fended off from our merry lives of joy and honourable deeds, and content was everyone with the epilogue of such strenuous fight,
Solace was again and sunny days ahead of all were, if not for the calamitous choice of the human king, for the Evil was granted the disgraceful chance to linger still, and the silent menace crept out in truth from gloomy woods, by ghosts haunted, after much had been passed since the Tyrant's demise, to set wicked schemes in motion and prepare the ground for that ending, foretold by the wisest and feared as harbinger of cruel killing.
Mich hat die Musik ebenfalls überzeugt, hört sich wirklich super an! :P
Hat mich völlig von den Socken gehauen. Fantastische Stücke, größte Hochachtung an Forhir und an euch.
Hello people, I come really late to this thread (and back to this forum in general actually), and I would like to give my two cents on this topin, which I admit I love.

First of all, my most honest congratulations and thanks to Aule, whom gave us such an in-depth, extremely reasoned concept about Smaug, about whom I agree on nearly everything, images included! XD

There would be a few things I would adress though. I apologise if some things have already been pointed out or suggestions already made, I am terrible at remembering, so please know that I mean no offense whatsoever.

I agree with others that Smaug should be important to the faction, but the central thing would be the Orcs, and Bolg getting this messy load of monsters under firm control, so I would not have Smaug as a central spell.

Another thing would be that, while it would be awesome to have Smaug in game as soon as possible, maybe it would be overkill. Here is what I would say:

Have a building called 'Tresure Chamber', not really related to Dragons, that just accumulates the loot MM make with all their various ways. In this case, Smaug would be the 10-tier power next to the Balrog, in the sense that you activate his recruitment from a Tresure Chamber. Given the Team's intent to have a power more on the offensive and another on the defensive side, I would say the Balrog is the obvious offense, being that you summon a very edgy and fiery-tempered Demon right under the enemy's nose, a bit like Gondor's Army of the Dead. Still referring to Gondor's spellbook, and basing on the Rohirrim spell, I would say that Smaug would cost quite a number of resources (not the 10.000 of vanilla ring heroes of course) and come with a short delay, given he has to fly to a set location, while the Balrog directly emerges from the depths.

This is merely a concept of how to recruit Smaug, whom some have said to be too powerful of a beast to be recruitable as normal heroes. Otherwise the concept given by Aule is, to me, absolutely perfect.

About the Ring part for Smaug, I agree the Ring makes more sense into the treasure chamber rather than on the Dragon himself (which is honestly kinda fun to think about), but as to its possible effects, I'm not sure. Given that Smaug is considered a 'defensive' spell in the concept I'm proposing here, I would say he gains increased armor while close to allied structures and a power boost, and perhaps a fiery aura about him that gives passive burn damage. Just throwing out ideas here.

Thanks again for the awesome concept Aule :)
RPG Library / Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Heute um 04:13 »
Swift and lethal

Less wise they are and more dangerous,
May you be aware of the peril, should you tread that path,
Hidden they rest and on the alert remain,
One should not blame such secretive attitude and fierce defence, having them been used to harshness from the dawn of their age.

Long, wide and broad have they been patrolling those untrodden forests which are for most forgotten,
Their king moved his seat to the northernmost woods, at the coming of new wicked shadows in the world,
Now, they reside in halls carved and shaped into the stone,
Strangers they like not, and hostile acts or threats will be met by volleys of their darts, swift and lethal, of which they are renowned masters for sure.
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