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[Edain] News / Re: The Road of Edain: Impressions from the Journey
« Letzter Beitrag von The_Necromancer0 am Gestern um 18:04 »
A sneak peek of what we have been working on in the background. In the freebuild gamemode many factions will be able to build walls and the more skilled of these factions will be able to build walls on which you can station your troops, just like in fixed build.
[Edain] Ankündigungen / Re: Der Weg Edains - Eindrücke der Reise
« Letzter Beitrag von The_Necromancer0 am Gestern um 18:04 »
Ein kleiner Einblick in das, woran wir im Hintergrund gearbeitet haben. Im Freebuild-Spielmodus werden viele Fraktionen in der Lage sein, Mauern zu bauen, und die erfahreneren dieser Fraktionen werden in der Lage sein, Mauern zu bauen, auf denen man seine Truppen stationieren kann, genau wie im Fixed Build.
[Edain] Misty Mountains Suggestions / Re: Misty Mountains Balance Suggestions
« Letzter Beitrag von Le Sournois am 14. Jul 2024, 23:50 »
Thanks The Necromancer for this very complete reply. I knew indeed about the Iron Hills health boost but it startled me nonetheless that a unit that cost more did have less hit points.

However :

If I take Arnor Palace Guards that cost 500, they get 570 hit points.

This is 300 more than the Lorien unit, and it get 240 more hit points. 240 hit points for 300 ressources make 80 hit points for 100 ressources, which would make 410 hit points at least for the Gundabad Warriors.

Yes, I think that in the beginning of the game, they are too bad to help against hard opponents (the same for pikes). Misty Mountains have the weakest start of all factions which can make sense because of free build for ressources but nonetheless, you don't get anything really good to defend yourself before getting Bolg at level 5, or Smaug or dragons but that's quite late game also.


Balance is not really my expertise so I won't comment in depth on that part but I do think that Iron Hill Guardians are the wrong unit to use as comparison. The dwarven units have 10% extra health to account for their reduced speed and the Iron Hills unit have an additional 10% health as their realm specific trait. If you wanted to compare a standard 10-man battalion to the Gundabad warriors a better choice would have been the Lorien Warriors:
200 resources
330 health per unit
55 damage per unit

Now when compared to the Gundabad Warriors:
300 resources
380 health per unit
63 damage per unit

For a 50% cost increase, you get a 15% health and damage increase (30% of additional value total). To me, that seems mostly okay, you don't want a 1-to-1 increase in cost and total stats. Which part would you say feels rougher when it comes to the units? Is it more that they can't take a lot of damage or that they don't seem to deal enough?
[Edain] Misty Mountains Suggestions / Re: Misty Mountains Balance Suggestions
« Letzter Beitrag von Le Sournois am 14. Jul 2024, 20:20 »
Goblin basic units and above all Gundabad units are too weak in my opinion.

For example, Gundabad Warriors who cost 300 have less health points than Iron Hill Guardians who cost 200.

I think this had sense before when the economy of the Misty Mountains was too strong. Now that the economy is finally quite well balanced, the weaknesses of those units appear more clearly.

Against the AI, I cannot fight battles of the same level with the Misty Mountains that I can with other factions.
I remember at the beggining, there was a change where those units were weakened and dragons were made stronger. Now that the economy is balanced, I guess it is possible to make those units have the value of their cost, and keep the same dragon power.

Also, maybe the defence in the castle start is too weak, I know goblins have short range but I think tower quite more expensive, stronger, more effective and with a longer range would be better.
[Edain] Bug Reports / Re: Misty Mountains Bugs
« Letzter Beitrag von The_Necromancer0 am 12. Jul 2024, 18:20 »
It's more of a balance oversight than a bug but regardless we will be sure to have a look at the numbers before the next release
[Edain] Bug Reports / Re: Misty Mountains Bugs
« Letzter Beitrag von Le Sournois am 12. Jul 2024, 17:41 »
Supply routes don't apply to the Troll's Hoard from the 3 Trolls ability. And as their number is not limited...
However, this may be not a bug, I don't know if that was done intentionnally or not.
There is no tutorial for such a specific question, you'd have to learn generic modding to the point where you understand enough to implement it yourself: https://www.the3rdage.net/prelist?type=1
You need to mod it in, create a new objects with a CostModifierUpgrade behavior and spawn it from something like the citadel using an ObjectCreationUpgrade behavior which tracks the Upgrade_ObjectUnderAICon trol upgrade.

How exactly do I do that? Is there some sort of tutorial?
Allgemeine Modding-Fragen / Re: Lord Terenus Modding Fragen
« Letzter Beitrag von Elendils Cousin 3. Grades am 11. Jul 2024, 07:26 »
Willkommen im Forum!

Das sind direkt mal hohe Ziele für eine eigene Mod. Hast du dir die Skripte für das Entpacken von Bases angesehen? Vielleicht hat dein Spieler nicht genügend Geld, um die Base zu Beginn des Spiels zu entpacken (oder das Skript fehlt komplett).
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